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Re: [wg-review] Re: [cctld-discuss] Comments on review of DNSObyMrPark


In message <20010124160308.75A8F75011@ook.connect.ie>, "Martin Maguire" writes:

> I note the effort and energy that is going into this issue and
> although a native English speaker ( though people may find it hard
> to follow my accent ) I beleive the issue divides into 2 main areas.

But your written command is so nice :-)-O
> 1. The practical issue - accurately translated documents in local
> languages.

I have no problem with that, none whatsoever.
> 2. The 'political / cost' decision to have this as an ongoing part
> of the service.

Not even with that, but our first priority should be

3. Getting ICANN sorted.

and when that is achieved, turn to less important issues. Such as


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