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[wg-review] OUTREACH

I would appreciate input on obtaining the funding, such as a Markel
Foundation Grant, for the purpose of establishing a consultancy for
evaluating and implementing an outreach program for ICANN.  I would
propose that it be independent of ICANN but for the benefit of ICANN, as
well as promoting a greater understanding of and participation in the
internet governance.  Educational foundations may well be another

The reasons for mentioning the grant type of funding are both for
independance and oversight by an established charitable organization.
Also one of the reasons is to assure that the consultancy is not
involved in establishing policy.

The issue of credibility for any outreach is very important and to date
I do not believe this can be accomplished as well from within ICANN.

Multilingualism would be a must along with simple internet jargon

I sincerely would ask for criticism of this embryonic concept, but also
feel it can be implemented into any recomendations on outreach.

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