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[wg-review] OUTREACH

In order to facilitate any meaningful Outreach and participation it is
becoming clear that the following infrastructure and organizational
structure must be implemented:

A.    Multilingual facilatation.

B.    Telecommunications networking wolrdwide.

C.    Dedicated internet devices to facilitate working group
organization and information flow.

D.    Public Relations, informational systems and education.

    Obviously there is a cost benefit analysis to be done in each area.
The extent each of these is carried out in a user friendly fashion will
have a direct bearing on the amount of participation.  The more
languages the better, the cheaper the telecommunications the better, the
more effective sites the better and the more public awareness the
    Regardless of the degree each area is enriched there is no question
that each area must be developed to obtain any significant benefit in
the area of outreach.  At the present time there is no program for
outreach within ICANN.
    The fundamental outreach which is occuring at this time is being
conducted by outside groups.  These outside groups do not necessarily
share ICANN's interests.  In fact most ooutside organizations which
focus on matters of ICANN interest are derogatory toward ICANN.  A
sincere effort should be made to counter the negative publicity toward


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