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[wg-c-1] submission from ["Siegfried Langenbach" <svl@nrw.net>]

>From: "Siegfried Langenbach" <svl@nrw.net>
>Organization: Computer Service Langenbach GmbH
>To: wg-c-1@dnso.org, wg-c@dnso.org
>Date: Tue, 13 Jul 1999 10:31:49 +0100

>On 12 Jul 99, at 20:30, Mark C. Langston wrote:
>> On 12 July 1999, Kent Crispin <kent@songbird.com> wrote:
>> >On Mon, Jul 12, 1999 at 08:46:03AM -0700, Mark C. Langston wrote:
>> >> On 12 July 1999, Kent Crispin <kent@songbird.com> wrote:
>> >> 
>> >> >I think that, with a couple of exceptions, there is fairly strong
>> >> >consensus among those present on this list that new gTLDs are
>> >> >desirable.  
>> >> 
>> >> Kent, I politely and respectfully request that you, and anyone else
>> >> with the urge to do so (e.g., members of the pDNC) refrain from making
>> >> statements about consensus existing for an issue until there is some
>> >> tangible evidence to support such a claim.
>> >
>> >I politely and respectfully decline.  Statements and discussion 
>> >about whether consensus exists are part and parcel of what we do.
>> In that case, you made a blanket statement about consensus existing,
>> I obviously feel it does not.  I'm just asking that you refrain from
>> speaking for those who have not spoken.  I don't believe there's
>> been enough discussion on this list to begin to make claims about
>> consensus.  
>> I will point out that in your desire to "get on with it", every time
>> yyou claim the existence of consensus where none is demonstrable, I
>> will challenge you on it.  I'm all for getting some work done, but
>> I will not forsake fairness, openness, and accountability to achieve
>> it.
>are you trying to confuse non english-natives?
>If somebody is not happy with an assumtion or a statement on the list he
>speak up on exactly that matter, thats all.
>Yes, that means if an idiot (I am not thinking of any of you !! ) makes an 
>statement and nobody answers or rejects, it _could_ be treated as consensus.
>I do not see a value in general discussions about theoretical possibilities.
>Maybe creating another WG for discussing decision-making is what you wish?