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RE: [wg-b] Japanese Sunrise Program

Steve Hartman wrote:

>My remark about the Internet was motivated by the observation that people
>have written, and continue to write, things on wg-b that can serve no
>purpose other than provoke hostility and work against finding agreement, and
>which would never be said in face to face discussions between parties
>honestly seeking to settle a dispute.

I presume this is a reference to the posting of the WGB Chair that began
this thread:

	"I think this article shows that despite all the criticisms about
the Sunrise
Program it was the best solution available."

While I do not believe that posting was made to provoke hostility, the
Sunrise Proposal is premised upon a trademark bias and thus has a
polarizing effect on discussions about it.

The common goal that we should be working toward is accommodate both
non-commercial and commercial expression on the Internet in a system which
currently relies on naming uniqueness.  Frankly, I have seen little
evidence that the trademark community seeks any commonality with those who
feel that the Internet is a medium of communication not merely a vehicle
for commerce.  The proposals which have come from the IPC (sunrise,
daybreak, list of famous names) all set some Internet users in higher
priority before the general public.  Common ground, indeed, gets ignored.

>What ever happened to the idea of the "loyal opposition?"  The phrase stood
>for the principle that each side in a debate were working to a common goal,
>the overall good. Each side may have very different views as to how to get
>there, but they didn't consider each other disloyal or enemies. Much of
>that, it seems, was lost in politics in the last decade; and, much of the
>loyal opposition idea was missing from the wg-b debate earlier this year.
>If each constituency in wg-b points focuses on the worst behavior of the
>members of the other constituencies, and characterizes each constituency by
>its most extreme members, common ground gets ignored.

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