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Re: [wg-b] Japanese Sunrise Program

From: Michael D. Palage <mpalage@infonetworks.com>
> I think this article shows that despite all the criticisms about the
> Program it was the best solution available.
> Mike

That's odd, I thought it simply showed the effectiveness of the threat you
delivered during one of the SBA meetings.

"The trademark lobby must be placated because of its potential ability and
inclination to bankrupt new registrars and wreck havoc on their registrant

--Michael Palage, Chair Working Group B, at January 6, 2000
SBA Office of Advocacy Roundtable on Internet Domain Names

So, let's re-cap the history.  The chair of wg-b delivers ultimatum that the
trademark lobby must be placated.  At the wrap-up of wg-b, the chair and an
as-yet unidentified party spring the sunrise proposal as *the* solution.  The
call goes out via Mike Heltzer's outbox - "support this".  The INTA crowd
dutifully copies and pastes from his message into the comments at ICANN....

Hardly anyone thinks it is a good idea, but everyone does know that the IPC
crowd will attempt to exercise some sort of veto power over any application
which doesn't have it.  When people adopt an idea because they've been told
they'll be sued if they don't, that is hardly an indication that anyone likes
the idea.  I advised two TLD applicants to include some sort of sunrise
policy in their applications.  Do you think I advised them as such because I
thought it was the "best solution available"?  ...or because I'm well aware
that your imaginary friend will pummel them into oblivion if they didn't
include it?

Apparently, there were others who felt differently, as noted by the
signatures and messages of support at http://sunrise.open-rsc.org/ , which
was not an INT-duced outpouring.

Don't hurt your arm.