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NCC position (Re: [wg-b] Final Report)

At 17:00 15.05.2000 -0400, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>This position appears to coincide with the Non-Commercial Constituency that
>has vehemently opposed the creation of such a list.

I don't think this is quite correct.

The NCC has vehemently opposed *inappropriate protection* for marks on such 
a list, and has pointed out that criteria for creating such a list are very 
hard to define, with ICANN being very far from an ideal organization to do 
the defining.

As a NCC member, and as a WG-B member, I have argued against ICANN creating 
such a list, and argued against assigning special protection to names on a 
list that we do not know the content of.

Once a list is created *by someone else*, the list can be evaluated, so I 
agree with the chair's report that "if and when a universally famous marks 
list is created, it would be prudent for ICANN to consider whether the list 
is applicable to the then-existing gTLD registration process.".

My personal formulation of (2) would be:

(2) There does not appear to be any way that ICANN can create an useful 
universally famous marks list at this point in time.

But I find the report "reasonably reasonable".

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway