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Re: Another idea (Re: [wg-b] An idea?)

At 08:08 15-05-2000 +0200, Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:
>- ALL requests are accepted, including duplicates.
>   All registrants have to pay the registry fee for all registrations, whether
>   they succeed in the end or not. No refunds.
>   (what the registry charges is their business model, and not ICANN's 
> concern)

Dear Harald:  Again, there is precedence to what you propose.

The 1992 amendment to the Trademark law included the acceptance of the 
International Classification of Trademarks.  Till then, Japan had *no* 
trademark protection law protection for service marks.

All applications for service marks between 1 April and 30 September 1992 
were accepted as though they were received by the JPO on the same minute of 
the same day.  A set of objective/subjective criteria were promulgated 
which would be used by the examiner in cases of applications for duplicate 
or conflicting applications.

There may be some meat on this bone.

Regards, BobC, author of the X, Y, Z proposal for self generation of a 
famous trade mark list, also based upon an early IAHC concept.