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RE: Another idea (Re: [wg-b] An idea?)

At 00:49 15.05.2000 -0700, Roeland Meyer \(E-mail\) wrote:
>This is much better, but it breaks SRS.

That's the part about "massive tweaks to software".....one would have to 
redesign the software to be able to handle the situation (I can think of 
some quick hacks, but a good redesign is better)

>  How do you figure that
>registrars play in this?


they would have a busy time, that's for sure. Some would probably offer "no 
cure-no pay" registrations and eat the costs of the failed ones; others 
would offer discounts on registrants attempting more than 10.000 names at 
once; others would refuse to do business at all in the initial 48 hours, 
saying it is too much trouble.....

I haven't figured out what (except for "business as usual") could be 
"registrar friendly" yet. I'd be reasonably happy with 
first-come-first-served + UDRP + normal recourse to courts of law - that 
is, no special treatment of the initial period at all.

But since we've somehow landed back in the idea-generating phase, and 
somehow left the concept of famous marks altogether (good riddance!), it 
seemed like a good idea to toss in a few more ideas.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway