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TM Sunrise +20 (Re: [wg-b] WG-B Report -Take II)

you state that the Trademark Sunrise +20 proposal has "strong support from 
the IP and Registrar constituencies".

At the last time a vote was cast, I noted the following people as members 
of the IP and Registrar constituencies:

"Bill Barber" IP
"Mike Heltzer" IP
"Alberto R. Berton Moreno Jr." IP
"Martin B. Schwimmer" IP
"Michele Farber" IP
"Teresa Sobreviela" IP
"Steve Hartman" IP
"Keith Gymer" IP
"Victoria Carrington" IP
"Michelena Hallie" IP
"Peter Gerrand" Reg
"Maria Equiron" Reg
"Timothy Denton" Reg

(apologies in advance if the table formatting stinks....)

I've heard the voices of Steve Hartman and Martin Schwimmer here recently, 
not speaking in direct support of TM Sunrise +20, but not objecting either, 
so I assume they are in favour. (Right?)
I'd be happier with you reporting that these constituencies have a strong 
consensus if some more voices in support were heard here.

(Yes, I know any statement of support for TM Sunrise +20 means sticking 
your head out for some heavy return email from the objectors, of which many 
are quite vocal. Still..... email rarely leads to physical injury....)


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway