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Re: [wg-b] WG-B Report


As an attorney, you must know that calling the input you have received
"dissent" assumes that there is "assent".  Without consensus, there are no
dissenters, no assenters.  There is no consensus on any proposal put forth
by Working Group B.

Please prepare a report that doesn't begin with this pre-determined bias
for a sunrise proposal, for exclusions.,.,.for an Internet that is

Vint Cerf says that, "The Internet is for everyone".

- "Everyone" means not only The Gap but also the kids who wear Gap clothing.

- "Everyone" means not only Microsoft Corporation but also the people who
think microsoftsucks.com

- "Everyone" means that there are multiple uses for the same words and
names in the physical world, and the Internet has to acknowledge that

Michael Palage wrote:

>I am trying to make sure that I get all the dissents incorporated into the
>Appendix of the report. The report will be posted shortly.

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