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Re: [wg-b] STRONG disagreement

Mikki's point is important.  When there is not only no consensus, but no
effort at a consensus call, no vote, no nothing, what is the status of
the report?

Is the IPC view not classified as a "dissent"?  


Mikki Barry wrote:
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> >Michael D. Palage
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> >Subject: [wg-b] WG-B Report
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> >I am trying to make sure that I get all the dissents incorporated into the
> >Appendix of the report. The report will be posted shortly.
> The "dissents" and the "report" have NOT been decided upon by this
> working group.  Likely, the IPC proposal is the "dissent" and the
> "report" is that no action should be taken regarding famous marks.
> As such, the IPC proposal is beyond the scope of this working group,
> has not been properly prommulgated and commented by the working group
> membership, and is NOT the report of the IPC.
> This should NOT be in any way, shape or form handed out as a product
> of this working group.

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