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RE: [wg-b] Revised IPC Proposal

Mike, when you submit your report, could you please be more specific than
"had not arrived in time for property discussion" and tell the
Names Council that the IPC submitted its proposal ONLY ONE DAY before your
report deadline.

A proposal that arrives on the eve of submission and has not been vetted at
all by the Working Group should not be given the same weight or status as
one that has had the opportunity for feedback from the members of this

>Mikki, I was apprised by the IPC that they were working on a comprise of the
>Registrar Sunrise proposal following the Cairo meetings. I did not have
>their approved document in my possession until this morning. The discussion
>which I have had with Eric Menge at the SBA involved the different Sunrise
>proposal that were circulating, i.e. Sunrise with a list and Sunrise
>without.  I went over these proposals on Monday's teleconference.
>I am required to have a report submitted to the NC for their teleconference
>this Tuesday. Therefore, delaying the report does not seem to be a viable
>option, unless you can get authority from the NC to delay the report. That
>is why I intend to include a disclaimer that this latest IPC has not had
>time for proper discussion.
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>It would have been very nice to hear about this proposal from the
>working group BEFORE hearing about it from the SBA yesterday.
>Given that we have been given this proposal on the 14th of April with
>a comments deadline of tomorrow, I propose that we be given at least
>another week, if not more in order to digest the report and produce
>appropriate comments.

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