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[wg-b] Comments on new TLDs and .humanrights

Dear Mr. Palage and Professor Weinberg,

Would you please distribute this letter on the lists for Working Groups B
and C?   Thank you.
Manon Ress
<--letter to ICANN working groups on new TLDs-->

Dear members of ICANN's working groups B and C,
We are writing to address issues concerning (1) the creation of restricted
use TLDs and (2) the use of company, product, government or organization
names in connection with TLDs.
First, the procedures adopted by ICANN for new TLDS should permit the
creation of both unrestricted and restricted TLDs, to address different
needs.  A TLD for human rights organizations, such as .humanrights, should
be controlled by the human rights community, and not be created  as an
unrestricted TLD.
Second, the ICANN rules regarding the use of names of companies, products,
governments or non-government organizations should not prevent the
registration of domains such as nike.humanrights, by human rights
organizations, for use in organizing communities or providing information
about human rights records.
We are working on the creation of a coalition to apply to ICANN to be the
registry for .humanrights.  The coalition will include representatives from
national and international human rights organizations, and will provide a
gateway or portal to information about human rights for specific companies,
products, governments or non-government organizations.  Persons who are
interested in this initiative may contact Manon Ress at,

Manon Ress
Debs-Jones-Douglass Institute