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RE: [wg-b] me thinks thou dost protect too much ...

The percentage of cybersquatters may be small, but the absolute numbers are
large.The one percent rate is ten thousand registrants per every million.
But that aside, no one would argue that we shouldn't have laws against theft
or pollution because the number of thieves or polluters comprise only a
small percentage of the population. The larger point is that cybersquatting
is not simply a private injury; it's also public injury, an injury to the
communicative value of the Internet. Which is not to say that I agree with
your remarks that trademark owners have received preferences at the expense
of non-trademark owners. What preferential treatment are you referring to?

Steve Hartman
Nabisco, Inc.

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> According to this at <http://nsol.com/statistics/fun/fun.html>, fewer than
> 1% of domain name registrants purchase "cybersquatter"-level volumes of
> domain names.  
> And we know that many of those in that fewer-than-1% category, are
> themselves trademark-owning large corporations.
> Which means the career "cybersquatter" element so hysterically denounced
> by tm-ers is merely a fraction of that fewer-than-1% of people purchasing
> domain names.  
> Ergo, is the tm lobby not getting far too much policy attention and
> preference, relative to this truly insignificant degree of potential
> conflict?
> How Many Domain Names
> Do People Register?
>  How many domain names do people register?
> <http://nsol.com/statistics/fun/images/oneplusdomains.gif>