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Re: [wg-b] famous names

> Add to that the commonality with linguistic
> experience--the address becomes a clearer mode of
> signalling for both the provider & the consumer.

Particularly if they both speak English.  Otherwise such a taxonomy is so
much gibberish to the majority of people in the world.

Are there any Esperanto trademarks?

As a technical matter, there is no reason for ICANN not to authorize
creation of new TLDs or even to allow registrars to create them.  If the
registrars want to take a risk, they can offer registrations in accordance
with whatever policy they'd like, and subject to whatever terms they'd like,
since those are not technical issues.  Some will succeed.  Some will fail.
Some will get sued.  And some will prevail.  That's called competition and
market dynamics.  Litigation risk is a part of those dynamics in every
single business.  As any lawyer will tell you, the best way to avoid
liability is to do nothing.  In fact, it's the closest thing to the surest
and only way to avoid liability.

Is there anyone who can explain how a WIPO list prevents lawsuits?  It's an
absurd proposition, which only makes me believe there is something else
going on here.  Because I have not seen a single lawyer explain the cause
and effect relationship between the two.  What we have here are technical
people pretending to be lawyers, and lawyers pretending to know how to run a
technical system.

The whole reason we have corporations is to allow people to take legal risks
in order to make money, without necessarily putting the family house on the
line.  If any registrar does not want to be sued, then they don't have to
offer new TLD's along with their products.  If any registrar IS sued, then
all of them can contribute to a common defense fund, or just let their
competitor go under while changing their own policies.   That's why it's
nice not to have a common point of failure.

I'm sure I remember something about an objective of ICANN having something
to do with providing for competitive market forces in the domain name
market.  Having 40 different brands of vanilla is hardly how a real market