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[wg-b] Prototyping .fame

Since I tend to want to try things, I've created a prototype for the .fame 
domain, called .famous-marks.alvestrand.no

So we can play a game with this:

- I am "WIPO" for this domain.
- To register a famous mark, send me mail saying "I will pay PlayMoney 1000
   to have my mark registered as famous".
   Include supporting arguments.
- To challenge a famous mark, send me mail saying "I will pay PlayMoney 100
   to mount a challenge against the mark".
   Include supporting arguments.

The Panel (me) will judge the arguments, and if the arguments are found 
valid, the sum (if reasonable) will be entered as "paid".
(Please think of them as real dollars or Euros, and don't spend them unless 
you really would do so...)

If the PlayMoney paid in support of a name exceeds the PlayMoney paid in 
challenge, the domain will be registered as a CNAME for a Webserver of the 
registrant's choice.

If the PlayMoney paid in challenge against a name is greater than the 
PlayMoney paid in defense, and the panel (me) decides there are valid 
arguments on both sides, the name will be moved to 

If the panel, after considering the challenging arguments, decides that the 
designation of the mark as famous was in error, it will be moved to 

You can vary the sums if you want to.

I think this is a reasonably close model of how a .fame domain would 
operate in Real Life.

At the moment, "alvestrand" is registered as a Mark (for testing), with a 
payment of PlayMoney 1000, and the supporting argument "Everyone knows I'm 
famous" :-)

You can list marks at any time by doing "dig AXFR 
famous-marks.alvestrand.no" (if you have the Unix named package) or 
equivalent functions on other OSes.

Any other marks that want to be registered?

                       Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway