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[wg-b] Reality checks [the grateful dead(hits)]

Reality check #1:
How many cases can you cite of pirates who have registered and used "dead-hit"
versions of famous names after September 1997? Of those, how many still hold the

Reality check #2:
How many "dead-hit" registrations of famous names do you expect to survive the
UDRP? the new cybersquatting law?

Reality check #3:
What is the ratio of registrations that are objectionable (to TM holders) because
of substrings to registrations that are objectionable to "dead-hits"?

"Martin B. Schwimmer" wrote:

> >Similarly, a concern about oreos might be reflected in a domain name such as
> >oreo-lovers.org or hydrox-versus-oreo-compare.com.
> neither of which would be affected by a dead hit exclusion of oreo.

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