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RE: [wg-b] RE: [wg-c] URGENT: Moratorium on all additions to con

William, I think you know, but perhaps not, that AT&T has been involved
since the initial ideas of the POC/CORE; green paper, etc.  So, we've
invested time and resources for a few years... like you and others...

We still believe, however, that we need to recognize that this working group
will continue to have new players join in and the process of the working
groups is supposed to be able to accommodate that. 

I understand that you believe this process has been long.  And, perhaps it
has. But as I said in my comments about the NSI contract, competition isn't
built in a day.  Successh and stability have to be the goals, even if it
takes more time. 

Certainly, talking and speculating about new gTLDs has gone on for some
time. But a critical analysis of how small businesses would be educated and
made aware of any new gTLDs, along with ISPs and other intermediaries,
hasn't been discussed on any group I've participated in.  I believe that
Eric Menge, of the SBA, at the L.A. meeting noted the issues of ensuring SME
awareness as a critical factor. 

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On 22-Nov-99 Cade,Marilyn S - LGA wrote:
> Roeland and others,
> I know that some believe that we should move forward quickly with
> multiple
> gTLDs. Not everyone agrees, as you know.  And, one area where I believe
> there is some support for Matt is the point thatmore examination of the
> implications of introducing new gTLDs and the impact on ccTLDs is
> needed. 
> My earlier postings called for a very go slow approach overall and more
> thought about implications.  I don't believe that there has been serious
> analysis of the impact of new gTLDS on consumer confusion and ISPs, for
> instance. 
> We could spend some time productively having an informed discussion on
> these
> issues and others.  
> We will continue to have new players in the working groups. Welcome,
> Matt.
> And others who are joining. We still have a lot of work to do together.

Where have you and AT&T been Marilyn?  This has been a LONG and arduous
process that has been through MANY different levels of review and
discussion.  You make it sound like this is something new that is being
rushed into place, and it is far from it.  Many of us have been
participating in the process that led to this point for many years now. 

To imply that this has been a rushed process is rather amusing  :)

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