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Re: [wg-b] FORMAL BALLOT No. 1


> Voting is scheduled to end on Monday midnight EST.

I am writing to apologise for the lack of a .nz vote being supplied on this very 
important issue. The mistake is entirely mine as after a planning meeting 
last Friday with .nz representatives, including Peter Dengate-Thrush, I 
somehow had convinced myself that the deadline for votes was this coming 
Friday Oct 29. In the press of work preparing to fly out on Friday for the 
ICANN meeting I neglected to re-check dates.

I realise that our vote is too late, but I thought it appropriate to indicate that 
.nz would have voted for Option D (ie both B & C) as it is our position that 
there are appropriate international treaty organisations to deal with the issue, 
and that a non-governmental, non-statutary, body is not the appropriate 
mechanism for developing international law. This is closely aligned with the 
New Zealand government position.

Again, my apologies for the mistake.

Sue Leader
Executive Director
.nz administrative contact

> [Please select ONE of the options listed below]
> [] Option A - Some type of mechanism, yet to be determined, is necessary
> in connection with famous trademarks and the operation of the Domain Name
> System. [] Option B - ICANN should not implement any mechanism for the
> protection of famous marks, because other mechanisms are adequate []
> Option C - ICANN should not implement any mechanism for the protection of
> famous marks, because it exceeds the scope of ICANN's authority [X] Option
> D - Both Option B & C [] Option E - I choose to abstain from the voting
> process at this time

Sue Leader - Executive Director
ISOCNZ (Internet Society of New Zealand Inc)
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Postal: Level 1, (e)-Vision Centre, 282 Wakefield St, Wellington
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