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Re: [wg-b] Voting Update - Take 2

At 11:08 25.10.99 -0400, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>Attached is the excel file itself.

thanks Michael.....
some slicing and dicing:

- North American constituency, with 26 out of 39 votes, dominates totally
   (67% of the total)
- Europe, Latin and North America show 2/3 consensus, the 4 from Asia/Pacific
   are split evenly
- Of the constituencies, Commercial and IP are 100% unanimous, non-commercial,
   "none" and ccTLD are roughly evenly split, and "Reg" is 2/3 for A.
   Since Commercial and IP together form 44% of the votes, it is clear that
   there was no way we could have a consensus *against* famous mark protection

(Note: In all percentages above, I've ignored the non-voters....I also 
assigned people with multiple regions or constituencies to one. In case you 

My personal opinion is tht we have a rough consensus that some mechanism 
should be implemented. I don't agree, but am willing to work on that basis.

OK. Let's move on.

                              Harald A

Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway