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Re: [wg-b] Voting Results and What We Do Next

Edited Results (co-chairs not included)
Eligible voters: 51
Votes cast: 38 (75%)
Option A: 27
Option B: 4
Option C: 0
Option D: 7
Option E: 0
Number needed for consensus: 26
RESULTS: Consensus for Option A

This is the edited results, not counting the disputed votes.  Incidentally,
Jon's vote wasn't counted because he is co-chair.  How is this not two thirds?

By the way, do you have reason to believe that these people are
"secretaries and staff members"?  I know that neither Marilyn Cade nor
Michelle Farber can be charaterized as such, nor can Jon Cohen and Victoria

>I'm afraid that we cannot move forward on this because of the concerns you
>enumerate above. Stacking the WG with secretaries and staff members from the
>same organization, particularly when these people have not participated in
>of the discussions, seems to be prima facie evidence of a manipulation of the
>The  key fact here is that if those illegitimate votes are not recognized the
>2/3 bar is not passed. I do not accept the results as indicating a 2/3
level of
>support in the WG.
>> Now we must decide as a working group where we choose to go.
>I think we need to recognize the fact that there is not 2/3 support for any
>famous mark protection via DNS administration (there is plenty of
protection in
>other ways). therefore, I find the questions below inappropriate.

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