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Re: [wg-b] Voting Results and What We Do Next

Michael D. Palage wrote:

> There were concerns raised by some individuals on the list regarding voting
> by multiple people within the same organization. Specially, Marilyn Cade &
> Michele Farber from AT&T; Jim Bramson & Elizabeth Frazee from AOL, Maria
> Equiron  & Teresa Sobreviela  from InterDomain and Victoria Carrington &
> Jonathan Cohen from the law firm of Shapiro & Cohen.

> Either way the votes
> are counted and there appears to be consensus on Option A.

I'm afraid that we cannot move forward on this because of the concerns you
enumerate above. Stacking the WG with secretaries and staff members from the
same organization, particularly when these people have not participated in any
of the discussions, seems to be prima facie evidence of a manipulation of the

The  key fact here is that if those illegitimate votes are not recognized the
2/3 bar is not passed. I do not accept the results as indicating a 2/3 level of
support in the WG.

> Now we must decide as a working group where we choose to go.

I think we need to recognize the fact that there is not 2/3 support for any
famous mark protection via DNS administration (there is plenty of protection in
other ways). therefore, I find the questions below inappropriate.