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RE: [wg-b] LA Meeting

Hello Micheal and all,

I can't make it. I tried, but I just had yet another major client get
dropped into my lap. I have dead-lines on 5Nov99 and it doesn't look like
I'll have the free time. Even without ICANN LA I have to do some
load-shedding and ICANN LA just doesn't make that level of priority.

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> Michael D. Palage
> Sent: Saturday, October 23, 1999 6:32 PM
> To: wg-b@dnso.org
> Subject: [wg-b] LA Meeting
> I am looking at scheduling a meeting of Working Group B for
> Monday morning
> (9AM -12PM PST). I am also looking to have a telephone bridge
> provided for
> those that will not be able to attend. I should have more
> details by Monday
> afternoon. Depending upon the outcome of the election I will
> post a proposed
> agenda for the meeting. For those that will be participating
> in person or
> hopefully via the telephone bridge we will be using the
> simplified rules of
> Parliamentary Procedure (a.k.a. Robert Rules). This will
> allow us to make
> the best use of our time.
> Thank you for all the people that have cast their ballot and
> I remind those
> that have not to please vote.
> Mike