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Re: [wg-b] Re: ICANN's Mandate

The world of trust and cooperation got about 1 percent of that 100 million.
The rest was produced by the world of commercial competition.

Yes, it is the accreditors who have changed, but the real point is that there
was no central authority who issued uniform accreditation requirements designed
to give trademark holders and other control freaks regulatory leverage over the
entire system.

Randy Bush wrote:

> > The Internet was built to the 100,000,000 user size it is,
> > completely with unaccredited registrars.
> not at all.  in fact the opposite.  it is the accreditors who have changed.
> the internet was built on trust and cooperation.  in the new world of
> avarice, disinformation, and conflict, more formal accreditation is our
> cultural wont.
> randy