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[wg-b] Straw Vote Results

Listed below are the results from the Straw Vote Election. I was rather
disappointed that not everyone voted ( less than half voted). In order to
increase participation in future votes I purpose the following: if you miss
two (2) straight votes without good cause you will be removed from the list;
increase notification on my behalf to the list about the vote, any other

I will be busy conducting the Names Counsel Elections for the registrar
constituency this week. However, I encourage the list to provide
constructive comments on the straw vote and make any suggestions on where we
should go from here.


If there are any missed ballots please notify me.


"Jonathan Cohen" drvcarrington@echelon.ca - DID NOT VOTE
"Bill Barber" bbarber@awd.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Mike Heltzer" mheltzer@inta.org - OPTION A
"Kathy Kleiman" kathrynkl@aol.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Randy Bush" randy@psg.com - OPTION B
"Tod Cohen" tcohen@mpaa.org - OPTION A
"Alberto R. Berton Moreno Jr." law@sbm.com.ar - OPTION A
"John Wood" johnwood@kpmg.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Peter Weiss" peter.weiss@chanelusa.com - OPTION A
"Davia Tamulioniene" daiva@sc-uni.ktu.lt - DID NOT VOTE
"Khaw Yaw Tuan" yewtuan@ncb.gov.sg - DID NOT VOTE
"Roeland Meyer" rmeyer@mhsc.com - OPTION B
"Ted Shapiro " Ted_Shapiro@mpaa.org - OPTION A
"Jonathan Cohen" jcohen@shapirocohen.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Younjung Park" yjpark@nic.or.kr - DID NOT VOTE
"Mark Measday" measday@ibm.net - DID NOT VOTE
"Eileen Kent" eileenk@enteract.com - OPTION A
"Milton Mueller" mueller@syr.edu - OPTION B
"Michael Palage" mpalage@infonetworks.com - VOTED (Under the Parliamentary
Rules of Procedure (a.k.a Robert's Rules) the Chair's vote should not be
disclosed unless it is dispositive)
"Martin B. Schwimmer" martys@interport.net - DID NOT VOTE
"Stafferd Guest" sguest@cas.nu - OPTION B
"Toshi Tsubo" tsubo@global-commons.co.jp - DID NOT VOTE
"Peter Gerrand" peter.gerrand@melbourneit.com.au - OPTION A
"Peter Dengate-Thrush" pdthrush@chambers.gen.nz - DID NOT VOTE
"Tom Barret" tom.barrett@netnames.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Marilyn Cade" mcade@att.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Harald Tveit Alvestrand " harald@alvestrand.no - OPTION B
"Jeffery J. Neuman" NeumanJ@gtlaw.com - OPTION A
d3nnis@mciworld.com - OPTION B
"Michele Farber" mafarber@att.com - - DID NOT VOTE
"Maria Equiron" meguiron@interdomain.org - DID NOT VOTE
"Teresa Sobreviela" mts@interdomain.org - DID NOT VOTE
"Rodrigo Marre" rodrigo.marre@bakernet.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Hartmut Richard Glaser" glaser@fapesp.br - DID NOT VOTE
"Sarah Deutsch" SARAH.B.DEUTSCH@bellatlantic.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Jim Bramson" jimbramson@aol.com - OPTION A
"Timothy Denton" tmdenton@magma.ca - DID NOT VOTE
"kim kwangsu" ks@mic.go.kr - DID NOT VOTE
"Rob Hall" rob@echelon.ca - DID NOT VOTE
Joop Teernstra terastra@terabytz.co.nz - OPTION B
" Michelena Hallie" Michelena.Hallie@viacom.com - OPTION A
"Judith Oppenheimer" joppenheimer@icbtollfree.com -OPTION B
"Elizabeth Frazee" Elizfrazee@aol.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Doug Bush" dougbush@cs.com - DID NOT VOTE
"Kerry Owens" OwensK@arentfox.com - OPTION A
"Pan-Jeong Lee" pjlee@ibi.net - DID NOT VOTE
"Young-Ok Park" okpark@ibi.net - DID NOT VOTE
"Otho B. Ross" attyross@aol.com - OPTION A
"Mark C. Langston" mark@bitshift.org - OPTION B