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[wg-b] Some interesting news

Though the following is not related to the Internet, I think it
sheds an interesting light on the question of the legal status of

"Famous Brand Names" and the question of "reverse

Nike International cannot squat on Cidesport in Spain!

Open Forum of Cambodia


The Cambodia Daily
Friday, October 01, 1999, Page 20

Nike Logo Banned on Apparel Sold in Spain

Spainís supreme court has barred Nike Inc. from using its trade
on sports apparel sold in Spain, illustrating one of the perils
faced by companies trying to increase their global reach. The
ruled Wednesday that Cidesport SA, a sports-goods concern based
north-eastern Spain, has owned the rights to use the 'Nike' name
sportswear since 1932. Nike is the name of the Greek winged
of victory. The court said that Nike International Ltd. of
Beaverton, in the US state of Oregon, cannot manufacture,
import, export or use the trade name in apparel, business
or advertising for products in Spain that are similar or
to those of Cidesport. The ruling doesn't affect Nikeís 'swoosh'
symbol. Nike can use its name on shoes sold in Spain. Cidesport
doesn't make footwear.