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[wg-b] Additional issues / request for participation

I believe Judith has provided this group with some valuable insight into the
toll-free/tm situation. I was wondering if any of the trademark owners had
an e-mail contact for Frederick Mostert and any idea of whether he would be
interested in participating in this group. In order to legitimize the work
of this working group I believe we need to have input from the leading
authorities on the subject matter. On a side note, I looked into purchasing
Mostert's book but it costs $229. If Mostert is not interested in
participating do any of you that may know him personally think you can get
him to donate a book to the cause?

Additionally, I was wondering if any of the participants had a contact for
an individual that was the subject of an alleged reverse-domain name hi
jacking situation involving a "FAMOUS TRADEMARK." I attempted to contact the
father of the boy involved with the pokey.org case, but have not heard back
from him. Although I realize that reverse domain name hi-jacking is a
paramount concern for the non-ip participants on this list, I was wondering
if they could provide the group with a list of "famous marks" that have been
the subject of reverse-domain name hijacking. The key focus here is FAMOUS
MARKS. I know of many situations in which trademark owners have allegedly
utilized the existing NSI dispute policy to their benefit, but I do not know
of any that I recall as being famous.  And this is an important distinction,
because we are tasked with analyzing protection for "famous trademarks"
while Working Group A is tasked with handling abusive domain name
registrations involving all trademarks: registered, common law, famous and
no-so famous.

I would like to thank everyone for their constructive comments to the list
to date, and remind everyone that any personal differences with de minimis
content value should be directed between participants and not forwarded
through the list.

Has anyone had any luck researching the Brazilian NIC famous trademark
policy and procedure?