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[wg-b] Cost of backing out a registration

At 12:13 24.09.99 -0400, DEUTSCH, SARAH B. wrote:

>After paying the bucks, few domain name holders would voluntarily 
>relinquish their domain name registrations.  They would still wait for the 
>trademark owner to come after them and sue.

Balancing a 70-dollar loss against a potential 10.000-dollar loss (legal 
fees, even if you win the case) may make a few people take the small but 
certain loss.

That's also a form of pre-publication censorship of speech, and a form of 
reverse domain name hijacking, which I'm sure some people will love to 
point out.

It's MUCH more expensive after the business cards have been printed.


Harald Tveit Alvestrand, Maxware, Norway