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[wg-b] RE: (wg-b) What WG-B is supposed to be doing (RE: Arbitra

     This is more than a hint -- this a a fact:  We own multiple federal 
     registrations for the BELL trademark. We are not trying to convince 
     the courts of the fame of the BELL mark -- there are already published 
     decisions calling our mark one of the most famous marks by any 
     imaginable standard.  Not "everything" with Bell infringes our rights 
     (e.g., Tacobell.com) -- however, uses that are linked to telecom or 
     Internet-related products and services and other products and services 
     covered by our federal trademark registrations are infringement 
     matters that we investigate and pursue.

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Subject: Re: (wg-b) What WG-B is supposed to be doing (RE: Arbitratio
Author:  "Randy Bush" <SMTP:randy@psg.com> at GCOHUB
Date:    9/24/99 9:46 AM

>>  There already appear to be plenty of "business opportunities" for
>> "entrepreneurs" who steal variations of famous marks at their own peril. 
>> Bell Atlantic submitted documented evidence of the more than 1000 domain 
>> name infringements we experienced for two of our marks in .com, .net and 
>> .org.
> Do you have this online? URL?
hint: i am told that bell atlantic has been trying to convince courts that 
anything with "bell" in infringes on their famous mark.