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Re: The Fame Claim List -was [wg-b] notification as compromise?

> Well - that's a good point.  Perhaps the fame claim notification could
> indicate that it was computer-generated, so when smupets.com get the
> automatic notice, they think to themselves: "no big deal."  

history would seem to indicate that, when the smu pet lovers get a nasty
letter, they are generally not encouraged to think "no big deal."  perhaps
this is partially because the letters are specifically designed to seem
like very big and nasty deals, and meant to scare the living daylights out
of anyone who is not a trademark attorney.

> See above comment.  the fame claim notice would be automatic and perhaps
> should have language that it is NOT a legal demand, which could be sent
> only by a representative of the Fame Claimant.  


"Excuse.  Sorry to bother, but I am a quite fallible computer program
running at your favorite domain name registrar's.  You registered
smupets.com, and I note that this could me similar to the registered
name muppets.com.  There are many circumstances under which this would
be perfectly legitimate and reasonable.  There are others where it would
not.  The folk over at muppets.com will be receiving a notice similar to
this one, and may take the time to think about whether your and their uses
are in conflict.  I just thought you might find it useful to be warned that
this could be happening."