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To all WG-B members:

Further to my last call for either nominations for wg-b co-chair, or
expressions of support for our sole volunteer, Michael Palage, no further
nominations have been received.  

Three people expressed some concern about the selection of a co-chair at
this time for reasons including the lack of other candidates, and some
glitches that we appear to be having with the mailing list which resulted
in some postings not making it to the list.   With respect to the latter,
we have looked into the problems with Michael (who is also our list
administrator), as well as with the DNSO Secretariat, and both are working
to correct them.  

In the matter of a lack of additional candidates for co-chair, the question
has been open for discussion and/or addition submissions since at least
July 13 with only Mr. Palage stepping forward.  It therefore seems unlikely
that extending the time for selection even longer would have resulted in
further nominations.  At the same time, we have approximately one month
left to carry out the work that needs to be done, and any further delay in
the preparation and circulation of a Charter, and the commencement of
wg-b's study, will make it that much more difficult to do the work
meaningfully.  Michael personally responded to some of the concerns re: his
chairmanship, and no further comments were forthcoming.

I therefore submit to wg-b that in the absence of any further nominations
or strong objections to the contrary,  Mr. Palage is affirmed as co-chair
of wg-b effective immediately, and I encourage him to continue his efforts,
which have been considerable to date, in working on issues to be looked at
by wg-b.  

Jonathan C. Cohen
Shapiro Cohen 
Group of Intellectual Property Practices
Ottawa, Canada

Telephone: (613)232-5300
Facsimile: (613) 563-9231

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