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[wg-b] Election of WG-B Co-Chair

To all members of WG-B:

The election of a co-chair for this WG is now of utmost priority.  I have
asked for members of the WG to submit the names of people they wish to
nominate, or to express support for our sole nominee, Michael Palage.
However no one has come forward since my last request, making it difficult
(if not moot) to hold an election.  I reiterate the importance of having a
co-chair for this group that is not a pNC rep, who will assume the
responsibility for defining the Charter and focusing the group, and who
will thus ensure that this process is open and "bottom-up", in accordance
with the experiences gained from WG-A, and the fundamental principle of the

Michael Palage was the first (and only) member of WG-B to step forward and
volunteer to co-chair, and he has already contributed a significant amount
of work in setting up and administering the wg-b list and archives on an
ongoing basis, as well as intiating dialog on substantive famous marks
issues.  He has indicated his continued willingness to continue in this
capacity as well as a strong interest to take on the additional significant
responsibility of co-chairing this group.  

In the interests of moving this process forward as soon as possible, I
submit that Mr. Palage should be affirmed by the members of WG-B as
co-chair.  I encourage all members of the group to submit their response by
5 p.m. EST tomorrow (August 5, 1999) at the latest.  In the circumstances,
silence will have to be construed as acceptance - we cannot afford to spend
more time waiting for this issue to be resolved.  

I also encourage all members of the group to join the dialog on the wg-b
list, either in response to the issues raised by Michael and Dennis
Schaefer, or to initiate further discussion on other issues considered to
be of significance in relation to Chapter 4 of the WIPO Final Report.  

I have not heard back from all of you regarding the posting of your bios on
the dnso.org website (thank you to those of you who have responded), and
although we don't have them all yet, we will attend to having posted the
ones that we do have.

I look forward to hearing from members of the group.

Jonathan C. Cohen
Shapiro Cohen 
Group of Intellectual Property Practices
Ottawa, Canada

Telephone: (613)232-5300
Facsimile: (613) 563-9231

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