Vote to elect the 11-members Panel

14 July 2002

At Large Intermin Panel elected 27 April 2002

Electorate Roll

ICANNATLARGE.COM Election Charter, July 2002


Nominations and seconds between 13 and 22 July 2002, see list archives.

  1. Vittorio Bertola (Europe)
  2. Ted Byfield (North America)
  3. Cordley Coit (North America)
  4. Bob Crawford (North America)
  5. Marc Derriennic (Europe)

  6. Eric Dierker (North America)
  7. Vivek Durai (Central/West/South Asia)
  8. Michael Geist (North America)
  9. Todd Glassey (North America)
  10. Satyajit Gupta (Central/West/South Asia)

  11. Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
  12. Richard Henderson (Europe)
  13. Milan Kapetanov (Europe)
  14. James Khan (North America)
  15. Hans Klein (North America)

  16. Joanna Lane (Europe)
  17. James Love (North America)
  18. Jefsey Morfin (Europe)
  19. Judith Oppenheimer (North America)
  20. Gabriel Piñeiro (Latin America/Carribean)

  21. David Schutt (North America)
  22. Youn Jung Park (Asia/Pacific)
  23. Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
  24. Edmundo Valenti (Latin America/Carribean)
  25. Bruce Young (North America)

For candidates statements, please look at
http://www.dnso.org/icannatlarge/2002.Jul.ICANNATLARGE-candidates.html TO BE COMPLETED

For more information, please look at http://www.icannatlarge.com/voting.htm

Basic outline of the voting to elect the 11-members Panel

Time for the vote

We provide time in 24 hours mode to avoid any confusion.

Results calculated and published no later than Tuesday 6 August, 20:00 UTC.

Results of the vote to elect the 11-members Panel


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