Full record of ICANNATLARGE.COM vote to elect
the 11-members Panel, 28 July - 4 August 2002

Sunday 4 August 2002, 22:00 UTC

Re: b02

Vote by the ICANNATLARGE.COM to elect the 11-members Panel

cf. http://www.dnso.org/icannatlarge/2002.Jul.ICANNATLARGE-Panel-vote.html

The vote was operated by the DNSO Secretariat.

The election has been supervised by a group of well-known trustees (Watchdog Committee)

The time for the vote was:

A. The final result:

  1. Vittorio Bertola (Europe) - 133 votes
  2. Joanna Lane (Europe) - 121 votes
  3. Richard Henderson (Europe) - 112 votes
  4. Judith Oppenheimer (North America) - 105 votes
  5. James Love (North America) - 104 votes
  6. Youn Jung Park (Asia/Pacific) - 100 votes
  7. Satyajit Gupta (Central/West/South Asia) - 93 votes
  8. Hans Klein (North America) - 82 votes
  9. Vivek Durai (Central/West/South Asia) - 80 votes
  10. Jefsey Morfin (Europe) - 77 votes
  11. Michael Geist (North America) - 63 votes

B. Information about ballots received:

  1. Electorate of 934 persons.

    The Electorate Roll provided by ICANNATLARGE.COM have 934 entries http://www.dnso.org/icannatlarge/2002.AL-b02-roster.html

  2. Number of valid ballots received: 232 (25 percent)

    Number of votes casted: 1625

  3. Besides ballots we received 34 Delivery-Reports:

         1	Rick_Wesson           ...User unknown
         2	Michael_Bracker       ...User unknown
         3	andy.duff@new.net     ...No longer with New.Net
         4	Seiei_Ohashi          ...User unknown
         5	Martin_Duerst         ...Sorry, no mailbox here by that name.
         6	Mohamed_Elhamalaway   ...exceeded storage allocation ... Service unavailable
         7	Abhishek_Shrivastava  ...mail loops back to me (MX problem?)
         8	Hiroyuki_Murayama     ...freeserve$G$O%a!<%k%\%C%/%9$KMFNL@)8B$,$"$j$^$9!#
         9	Jawahar_Mundlapati    ...This account is over quota.... Service unavailable
        10	Lesley_Walker         ...User unknown
        11	Ned_Jackson_Lovely    ...Sorry, no mailbox here by that name.
        12	David_Davis           ...User unknown
        13	Paul_Tucker           ...User unknown
        14	Vivek Durai           ...is unavailable at this address.
        15	Host_Master           ...sorry, your envelope recipient is in my badrcptto list
        16	Steven_Demetrius      ...not listed in public Name & Address Book
        17	Daniel_Inusa_Yakmut   ...Host unknown
        18	wolfgang_schenk       ...User unknown
        19	Wawa_Ngenge           ...This account is over quota. ... Service unavailable
        20	John_Darcy            ...User unknown
        21	Peter_Binstead        ...User unknown
        22	ishila_bhattacharya   ...User unknown
        23	L_Gopalakrishnan      ...User unknown
        24	Shivsaday_Dutt        ...User unknown
        25	Patrick_Jones         ...User unknown
        26	Roeland_Meyer         ...mhsc.com: Name server timeout
        27	YangWoo_Ko            ...Deferred: Connection refused by spring.peacenet.or.kr.
        28	Eung_Hwi_Chun         ...Deferred: Connection refused by spring.peacenet.or.kr.
        29	Markus_Schaber        ...Deferred: Connection timed out with mail.variomedia.de.
        30	Ian_McDowall          ...Deferred: Connection timed out with punt-1.mail.demon.net.
        31	ABDOU_Moussa          ...Deferred: Name server: niger.assemblee.ne.: host name lookup failure
        32	Jeremy_Malcolm        ...Malcolm.wattle.id.au: Name server timeout
        33	OKBA_KAMAL            ...Deferred: 451 Transaction failed.
        34	kim_mi_kung           ...Deferred: Connection refused by hanmil.net.
  4. 2 voters sent ballots with more that 11 votes, rejected:

    b02:Kbd91Z casted 12 votes
    b02:Kc712Z casted 12 votes

  5. 1 voters sent ballot in which he added himself as candidate, rejected:


  6. Besides trashing HTML format or fixing HTML answers, the following reparations were made and ballots were accepted:

       1. b02:Kf904Z - "X" placed outside of brackets, corrected
       2. b02:K8f23Z - "X" placed outside of brackets, corrected
  7. 8 voters sent multiple ballots, the last ballot was taken:

       1. b02:K42dbZ
       2. b02:K48aaZ
       3. b02:K4e23Z
       4. b02:K7addZ
       5. b02:K8db4Z
       6. b02:Kbf17Z
       7. b02:K3888Z
       8. b02:KeeaaZ

C. Full public record:

Ballot sent with      25 choices
           b02:[ ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
           b02:[ ]Ted Byfield          (North America)
           b02:[ ]Cordley Coit         (North America)
           b02:[ ]Bob Crawford         (North America)
           b02:[ ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
           b02:[ ]Eric Dierker         (North America)
           b02:[ ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
           b02:[ ]Michael Geist        (North America)
           b02:[ ]Todd Glassey         (North America)
           b02:[ ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
           b02:[ ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
           b02:[ ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
           b02:[ ]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
           b02:[ ]James Khan           (North America)
           b02:[ ]Hans Klein           (North America)
           b02:[ ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
           b02:[ ]James Love           (North America)
           b02:[ ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
           b02:[ ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
           b02:[ ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
           b02:[ ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
           b02:[ ]David Schutt         (North America)
           b02:[ ]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
           b02:[ ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
           b02:[ ]Bruce Young          (North America)
Electorate of     934 persons, casting one vote each
Ballots received from     232 persons (sorted by arrival time)
     1	           Omar Kaminski
     2	           Paul Day
     3	           Paulo S=E1 Elias
     4	           Anton Betzler
     5	           John Pena
     6	           Jonathan Robin
     7	           Bruce Fitzsimons
     8	           Yoichi HIROSE
     9	           Kendall Dawson
    10	           David Goldstein
    11	           Masafumi Tatara
    12	           Michael Folmer
    13	           Abraham Ingersoll
    14	           Cordley Coit
    15	           Asaad Alnajjar
    16	           Jeffrey williams
    17	           Erwin Obourdin
    18	           Oliver Steenbuck
    19	           Mark Poole
    20	           Bruce Young
    21	           Minxun Liang
    22	           Gloria J. Howard
    23	           Philip Saloga
    24	           Andr=E9 Nafziger
    25	           Stanley Bennie
    26	           Pascal Bernhard
    27	           Pindar Wong
    28	           Alan Levin
    29	           André Rebentisch
    30	           Kimberley Heitman
    31	           Alan Lenton
    32	           Amba Salelkar
    33	           Anu Salelkar
    34	           Björn Hendel
    35	           Jean-Francois Mayer
    36	           Thomas Leavitt
    37	           Yutaka Karasawa
    38	           Dany Vandromme
    39	           Lars Weitze
    40	           Sebastian Klein
    41	           Johannes Willnecker
    42	           Alexander Svensson
    43	           Thomas Buchwaldt
    44	           Adrian Paul MILES
    45	           Daniel Frank
    46	           Stefan Krempl
    47	           Rossa McMahon
    48	           Holger Blasum
    49	           Immo Moshagen
    50	           thomas lee
    51	           Ashish Pathak
    52	           Kenyon Stubbs
    53	           Wolfram Stefanski
    54	           Walter Sommergruber
    55	           Christiane Jung
    56	           Jake Staley
    57	           Allen Smith
    58	           Sanjeev Goyal
    59	           Jeremy Malcolm
    60	           Vijay Anand
    61	           Jon Weinberg
    62	           Scott Robinson
    63	           Stephan Feibish
    64	           Markus Bekk
    65	           Horst Boldt
    66	           julia riede
    67	           Thomas Knecht
    68	           lynn bernstein
    69	           James Love
    70	           Chandan Nagaraja
    71	           robert waldner
    72	           Milan Kapetanov
    73	           Cameron Smith
    74	           Thierry Amoussougbo
    75	           Curtis M Kularski
    76	           Mary Jaekl
    77	           Saad REGRAGUI
    78	           Bretton Vine
    79	           Judith Oppenheimer
    80	           sven kaule
    81	           Michael Haffely
    82	           Rolf Plantener
    83	           Bob Crawford
    84	           Samuel Sotillo
    85	           Brad Waller
    86	           Sotiris Sotiropoulos
    87	           Marcellius Smith
    88	           Brendan Jaekl
    89	           gaurav pradhan
    90	           Thomas Roessler
    91	           MICHAEL GENDRON
    92	           Federico Manuel Pinto Kramer
    93	           Maniam S
    94	           Riel Miller
    95	           Diane Cabell
    96	           Jefsey MORFIN
    97	           Ansgar Federhen
    98	           jeff perreault
    99	           joel jaeggli
   100	           Michael Geist
   101	           Hugh Blair
   102	           Earl Heather
   103	           Jeffrey Horn
   104	           James Graham
   105	           Guillermo Perez
   106	           Balasubramanian Natarajan
   107	           Pamela Patterson
   108	           DORA GERBER
   109	           robert adrian
   110	           Herbert Wilfing
   111	           Mark Broad
   112	           Piet Van der Kamp
   113	           Gabrielle Taylor
   114	           TODD GLASSEY
   115	           Michel J. Menou
   116	           Oliver Puchta
   117	           Mr. James Khan
   118	           Phillip de Wet
   119	           Abhijit Kumar Gupta
   120	           jan meyer
   121	           Bill Spornitz
   122	           vandana pai
   123	           Dimitar Kirov
   124	           Stephen Waters
   125	           James Veillon
   126	           Natalie Cook
   127	           Martina Falter
   128	           Erick Iriarte
   129	           Cheryl Langdon-Orr
   130	           Chris Anderson
   131	           Ron Sherwood
   132	           Robert Adams
   133	           Dong-ha Li
   134	           Tim Evans
   135	           Satyajit Gupta
   136	           Brian Bakker
   137	           Heesoo Kim
   138	           Paolo Zangheri
   139	           Yoshiko Kurisaki
   140	           Dr. Lambert Grosskopf LL.M.Eur.
   141	           Byoung-il Oh
   142	           Archimede Ahamada
   143	           Alexandru Jalba
   144	           Yashar hajiyev
   145	           Andi Kronawitter
   146	           MESROPIAN André
   147	           Stephen Edgar
   148	           Thomas Wiesinger
   149	           Jeanette Hofmann
   150	           Michael Smolski
   151	           Manon Ress
   152	           Merle Swain
   153	           Roberto Roggiero
   154	           Walter Schmidt
   155	           Marilyn Mackay
   156	           Torsten Stenneken
   157	           FOROGO Emmanuel
   158	           S. (Sam) Kritikos
   159	           Iliya Nickelt
   160	           Hans Klein
   161	           Derek Newman
   162	           Leah Gallegos
   163	           Alan Davidson
   164	           hiromi sugito
   165	           YJ Park
   166	           Joanna Lane
   167	           Johannes J Teernstra
   168	           Aloke Vanshylla
   169	           Franz Starhan
   170	           Kerry Summers
   171	           Philipp Bachmann
   172	           Patrick Vande Walle
   173	           Martha Gottlieb
   174	           Frank Michlick
   175	           Richard Day
   176	           Giampaolo Bonora
   177	           Kevin Brew
   178	           Richard Bourne
   179	           Beat Bolli
   180	           Thomas Themel
   181	           Simone Caldana
   182	           CHIRITA Daniel
   183	           Ruddy Medina
   184	           KAMAYE IDRISSA
   185	           John Abbosey
   186	           Eri Matsumiya
   187	           David Johnson
   188	           Theophil Ruzicka
   189	           Amadeu Abril i Abril
   190	           Matthias Bruestle
   191	           Christian Hammers
   192	           Apurva Mazumder
   193	           Laurie Williams
   194	           Song Joon Moon
   195	           Holger Steiner
   196	           Marc Schneiders
   197	           Glen de Saint Gery
   198	           Werner Hülsmann
   199	           Marianne Cooley
   200	           SeungYeon Yoo
   201	           Bob Simpson
   202	           Naveen Prasad
   203	           Marc DERRIENNIC
   204	           Hari Gopal
   205	           Izumi Aizu
   206	           Richard Henderson
   207	           Kipkemoi Kibiego
   208	           David Schutt
   209	           Micheal Sherrill
   210	           Edmundo Valenti
   211	           Cees Rindmarsch
   212	           Norbert Klein
   213	           John Schweisinger
   214	           Mike Schweisinger
   215	           James Tyre
   216	           Viyay Menon
   217	           Fred Schweisinger
   218	           Maureen Schweisinger
   219	           veni markovski
   220	           Man-Sze Li
   221             Jorge Miguel Criscio Navarro
   222             Karl Auerbach
   223             Barbara Simons
   224             Daniel Rasmussen
   225             Jan Siren
   226             mario chiari
   227             Konrad Neuwirth
   228             Vittorio Bertola
   229             Michael Spreng
   230             Clark Ashby
   231             Janet Ashby
   232             Elisabeth Porteneuve
Casted votes (sorted by personal code)
           b02:K1054Z casted  6 votes
           b02:K1140Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K1340Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K134bZ casted  1 votes
           b02:K13c7Z casted  7 votes
           b02:K13d8Z casted  10 votes
           b02:K1472Z casted  3 votes
           b02:K1509Z casted  6 votes
           b02:K153aZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K1790Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K17ffZ casted  1 votes
           b02:K1821Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K1d3cZ casted  1 votes
           b02:K1ea2Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K1ecbZ casted  1 votes
           b02:K2181Z casted  8 votes
           b02:K21ccZ casted  7 votes
           b02:K2292Z casted  2 votes
           b02:K2323Z casted  4 votes
           b02:K23f5Z casted  4 votes
           b02:K2514Z casted  4 votes
           b02:K25edZ casted  7 votes
           b02:K2652Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K2685Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K26b2Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K27b9Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K283aZ casted  2 votes
           b02:K289fZ casted  6 votes
           b02:K28fbZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K2980Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K2aaaZ casted  5 votes
           b02:K2b06Z casted  8 votes
           b02:K2ba0Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K2c36Z casted  5 votes
           b02:K2da5Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K2f33Z casted  7 votes
           b02:K2f5cZ casted  10 votes
           b02:K317aZ casted  8 votes
           b02:K3284Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K32cdZ casted  6 votes
           b02:K3313Z casted  7 votes
           b02:K3322Z casted  6 votes
           b02:K34c6Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K3888Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K389cZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K3947Z casted  4 votes
           b02:K3a40Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K3d4eZ casted  1 votes
           b02:K3d54Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K40ceZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K4143Z casted  6 votes
           b02:K4161Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K41c0Z casted  8 votes
           b02:K41c2Z casted  8 votes
           b02:K42dbZ casted  8 votes
           b02:K4404Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K4409Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K4577Z casted  7 votes
           b02:K45fcZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K4672Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K47c7Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K47e7Z casted  2 votes
           b02:K4867Z casted  6 votes
           b02:K48aaZ casted  8 votes
           b02:K4a36Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K4a8aZ casted  5 votes
           b02:K4c75Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K4cefZ casted  10 votes
           b02:K4d51Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K4e23Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K4f09Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K4f0dZ casted  7 votes
           b02:K4ffdZ casted  3 votes
           b02:K5037Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K50e6Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K5277Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K52abZ casted  10 votes
           b02:K5345Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K5356Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K55caZ casted  4 votes
           b02:K59c0Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K5a5aZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K5aadZ casted  10 votes
           b02:K5ad0Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K5b2cZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K5c09Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K5c89Z casted  10 votes
           b02:K5ca9Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K5cc3Z casted  3 votes
           b02:K5f75Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K62e4Z casted  2 votes
           b02:K649dZ casted  6 votes
           b02:K64b4Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K665dZ casted  4 votes
           b02:K66aaZ casted  3 votes
           b02:K6749Z casted  7 votes
           b02:K6946Z casted  10 votes
           b02:K69b0Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K6aa6Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K6b8eZ casted  0 votes
           b02:K6c2aZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K6c66Z casted  6 votes
           b02:K6cadZ casted  1 votes
           b02:K6d32Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K6d50Z casted  10 votes
           b02:K6d89Z casted  4 votes
           b02:K6e21Z casted  2 votes
           b02:K6fd7Z casted  2 votes
           b02:K719fZ casted  7 votes
           b02:K7282Z casted  5 votes
           b02:K72f8Z casted  7 votes
           b02:K7310Z casted  5 votes
           b02:K736aZ casted  6 votes
           b02:K75eaZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K7665Z casted  8 votes
           b02:K77e6Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K786dZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K7addZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K7c1eZ casted  4 votes
           b02:K7cceZ casted  8 votes
           b02:K7d22Z casted  5 votes
           b02:K7d9cZ casted  3 votes
           b02:K7e11Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K7fb6Z casted  4 votes
           b02:K80ccZ casted  3 votes
           b02:K814fZ casted  5 votes
           b02:K819eZ casted  1 votes
           b02:K831eZ casted  0 votes
           b02:K8376Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K83f4Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K85a7Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K86bbZ casted  8 votes
           b02:K8720Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K872fZ casted  0 votes
           b02:K88e9Z casted  2 votes
           b02:K8b36Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K8db4Z casted  9 votes
           b02:K8ea0Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K8f23Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K8f83Z casted  1 votes
           b02:K9123Z casted  11 votes
           b02:K9584Z casted  10 votes
           b02:K95bcZ casted  4 votes
           b02:K9948Z casted  2 votes
           b02:K9afbZ casted  7 votes
           b02:K9b6dZ casted  6 votes
           b02:K9b8bZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K9b9cZ casted  10 votes
           b02:K9bcbZ casted  11 votes
           b02:K9c4cZ casted  8 votes
           b02:K9e9bZ casted  8 votes
           b02:K9ea8Z casted  10 votes
           b02:K9ff2Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Ka207Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Ka3abZ casted  6 votes
           b02:Ka3c3Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Ka61fZ casted  11 votes
           b02:Ka7a1Z casted  4 votes
           b02:Ka833Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Ka910Z casted  6 votes
           b02:Ka9b0Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kaa9eZ casted  2 votes
           b02:Kaaf8Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kae13Z casted  8 votes
           b02:Kaef2Z casted  9 votes
           b02:Kaf25Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kb051Z casted  7 votes
           b02:Kb090Z casted  5 votes
           b02:Kb13fZ casted  9 votes
           b02:Kb337Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kb359Z casted  4 votes
           b02:Kb3afZ casted  4 votes
           b02:Kb748Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kb85dZ casted  4 votes
           b02:Kb9e0Z casted  10 votes
           b02:Kba29Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kbc8aZ casted  11 votes
           b02:Kbd5aZ casted  4 votes
           b02:Kbd7eZ casted  1 votes
           b02:Kbf11Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kbf17Z casted  8 votes
           b02:Kc111Z casted  6 votes
           b02:Kc140Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kc18dZ casted  11 votes
           b02:Kc253Z casted  7 votes
           b02:Kc415Z casted  5 votes
           b02:Kc525Z casted  1 votes
           b02:Kc666Z casted  1 votes
           b02:Kc864Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kc92eZ casted  9 votes
           b02:Kc9a6Z casted  1 votes
           b02:Kcbf9Z casted  2 votes
           b02:Kcd32Z casted  4 votes
           b02:KcdebZ casted  9 votes
           b02:Kcdf8Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kd3e9Z casted  4 votes
           b02:Kd72aZ casted  1 votes
           b02:Kd7f6Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kd84aZ casted  5 votes
           b02:Kd982Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kdb94Z casted  2 votes
           b02:Ke102Z casted  9 votes
           b02:Ke505Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Ke54aZ casted  5 votes
           b02:Ke57dZ casted  2 votes
           b02:Ke5b5Z casted  3 votes
           b02:Ke6cdZ casted  9 votes
           b02:Kee03Z casted  1 votes
           b02:Kee45Z casted  7 votes
           b02:KeeaaZ casted  3 votes
           b02:KeeaeZ casted  7 votes
           b02:Kefd1Z casted  0 votes
           b02:Kf054Z casted  8 votes
           b02:Kf12cZ casted  11 votes
           b02:Kf13bZ casted  9 votes
           b02:Kf335Z casted  1 votes
           b02:Kf3bcZ casted  11 votes
           b02:Kf436Z casted  10 votes
           b02:Kf57eZ casted  9 votes
           b02:Kf5daZ casted  11 votes
           b02:Kf5e3Z casted  8 votes
           b02:Kf5e5Z casted  6 votes
           b02:Kf8a2Z casted  8 votes
           b02:Kf904Z casted  8 votes
           b02:Kf91eZ casted  3 votes
           b02:Kfb32Z casted  7 votes
           b02:Kfc40Z casted  8 votes
           b02:KfddfZ casted  11 votes
           b02:Kfdf3Z casted  11 votes
           b02:Kfe2eZ casted  3 votes
           b02:Kff79Z casted  10 votes
           b02:KffbfZ casted  1 votes
Nb of casted votes    1625
Vote results:
           133 Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
           121 Joanna Lane          (Europe)
           112 Richard Henderson    (Europe)
           105 Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
           104 James Love           (North America)
           100 Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
            93 Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
            82 Hans Klein           (North America)
            80 Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
            77 Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
            63 Michael Geist        (North America)
            62 Bruce Young          (North America)
            61 Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
            60 Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
            58 Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
            51 Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
            50 Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
            47 Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
            44 Ted Byfield          (North America)
            33 Eric Dierker         (North America)
            25 David Schutt         (North America)
            20 Todd Glassey         (North America)
            20 James Khan           (North America)
            12 Cordley Coit         (North America)
            12 Bob Crawford         (North America)
Public results (sorted by personal code)
 b02:K1054Z:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K1054Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K1054Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K1054Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K1054Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K1054Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K1140Z:[ x]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K1140Z:[ x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K1140Z:[ x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K1140Z:[ x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K1140Z:[x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K1140Z:[x ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K1140Z:[x ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K1140Z:[x ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K1140Z:[x ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K1140Z:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K1140Z:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K1340Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K134bZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K13c7Z:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K13c7Z:[X]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K13c7Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K13c7Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K13c7Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K13c7Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K13c7Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X ]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X ]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K13d8Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K1472Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K1472Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K1472Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K1509Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K1509Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K1509Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K1509Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K1509Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K1509Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K153aZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K1790Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K17ffZ:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K1821Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K1d3cZ:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K1ea2Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K1ecbZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K2181Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K21ccZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K21ccZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K21ccZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K21ccZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K21ccZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K21ccZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K21ccZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2292Z:[ X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2292Z:[X ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2323Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K2323Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2323Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K2323Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K23f5Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K23f5Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K23f5Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K23f5Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2514Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K2514Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K2514Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2514Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K25edZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K25edZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K25edZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K25edZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K25edZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K25edZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K25edZ:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K2652Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2685Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K26b2Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K27b9Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K283aZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K283aZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K289fZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K289fZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K289fZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K289fZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K289fZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K289fZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K28fbZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2980Z:[ X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2980Z:[X ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2aaaZ:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K2aaaZ:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2aaaZ:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K2aaaZ:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K2aaaZ:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2b06Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K2ba0Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2c36Z:[ x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2c36Z:[ x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K2c36Z:[ x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K2c36Z:[x ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K2c36Z:[x ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K2da5Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2f33Z:[X]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K2f33Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2f33Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K2f33Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K2f33Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K2f33Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K2f33Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X] James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K2f5cZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K317aZ:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K3284Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K32cdZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K32cdZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K32cdZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K32cdZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K32cdZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K32cdZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K3313Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K3313Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K3313Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K3313Z:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K3313Z:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K3313Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K3313Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K3322Z:[X ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K3322Z:[X ]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K3322Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K3322Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K3322Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K3322Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K34c6Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K3888Z:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K389cZ:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K3947Z:[ X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K3947Z:[ X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K3947Z:[ X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K3947Z:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K3a40Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K3d4eZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K3d54Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K40ceZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4143Z:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4143Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4143Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4143Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4143Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4143Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4161Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K41c0Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K41c2Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K42dbZ:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4404Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4409Z:[ X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4577Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4577Z:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K4577Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4577Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4577Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4577Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4577Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K45fcZ:[x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4672Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K47c7Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K47e7Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K47e7Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K4867Z:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K4867Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4867Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4867Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4867Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4867Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K48aaZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4a36Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4a8aZ:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K4a8aZ:[x]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K4a8aZ:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4a8aZ:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4a8aZ:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K4c75Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4cefZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4d51Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4e23Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4f09Z:[ X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4f09Z:[ X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4f09Z:[ X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K4f09Z:[ X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4f09Z:[ X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K4f09Z:[ X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K4f09Z:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4f09Z:[X ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K4f09Z:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K4f09Z:[X ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K4f09Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K4f0dZ:[X ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K4f0dZ:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K4f0dZ:[X ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K4f0dZ:[X ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K4f0dZ:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K4f0dZ:[X ]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K4f0dZ:[X ]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K4ffdZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K4ffdZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K4ffdZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5037Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X ]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X] Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K50e6Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5277Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K52abZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5345Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5356Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K55caZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K55caZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K55caZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K55caZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K59c0Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5a5aZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K5aadZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5ad0Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5b2cZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5c09Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5c89Z:[ x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K5c89Z:[x ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5ca9Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K5cc3Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5cc3Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5cc3Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K5f75Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K62e4Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K62e4Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K649dZ:[x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K649dZ:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K649dZ:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K649dZ:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K649dZ:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K649dZ:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K64b4Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K665dZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K665dZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K665dZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K665dZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K66aaZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K66aaZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K66aaZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6749Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K6749Z:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K6749Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K6749Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K6749Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K6749Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K6749Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K6946Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K69b0Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K6aa6Z:[ x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K6c2aZ:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K6c66Z:[X ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K6c66Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K6c66Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K6c66Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K6c66Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K6c66Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K6cadZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K6d32Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K6d50Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6d89Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K6d89Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K6d89Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K6d89Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K6e21Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6e21Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K6fd7Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K6fd7Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K719fZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K719fZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K719fZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K719fZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K719fZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K719fZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K719fZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K7282Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K7282Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K7282Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K7282Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K7282Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K72f8Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America) 
 b02:K72f8Z:[X]James Love           (North America) 
 b02:K72f8Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe) 
 b02:K72f8Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America) 
 b02:K72f8Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America) 
 b02:K72f8Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe) 
 b02:K72f8Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America) 
 b02:K7310Z:[ x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K7310Z:[ x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7310Z:[x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K7310Z:[x ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K7310Z:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K736aZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K736aZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K736aZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K736aZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K736aZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K736aZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K75eaZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K7665Z:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K77e6Z:[X ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K786dZ:[ x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K786dZ:[ x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K786dZ:[ x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K786dZ:[ x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K786dZ:[x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K786dZ:[x ]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K786dZ:[x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K786dZ:[x ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K786dZ:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K786dZ:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K786dZ:[x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K7addZ:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7c1eZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K7c1eZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K7c1eZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K7c1eZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7cceZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K7d22Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K7d22Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K7d22Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K7d22Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K7d22Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K7d9cZ:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K7d9cZ:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K7d9cZ:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K7e11Z:[ x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean) 
 b02:K7fb6Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K7fb6Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K7fb6Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K7fb6Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K80ccZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K80ccZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K80ccZ:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K814fZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K814fZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K814fZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K814fZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K814fZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K819eZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K8376Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K83f4Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K85a7Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K86bbZ:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K86bbZ:[xHans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K86bbZ:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K86bbZ:[x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K86bbZ:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K86bbZ:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K86bbZ:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K86bbZ:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K8720Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K88e9Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K88e9Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K8b36Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K8db4Z:[ x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K8db4Z:[ x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K8db4Z:[x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K8db4Z:[x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K8db4Z:[x ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K8db4Z:[x ]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K8db4Z:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K8db4Z:[x ]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K8db4Z:[x ]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K8ea0Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K8f23Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K8f83Z:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K9123Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K9584Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K95bcZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K95bcZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K95bcZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K95bcZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9948Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K9948Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K9afbZ:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K9afbZ:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9afbZ:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K9afbZ:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9afbZ:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9afbZ:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9afbZ:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K9b6dZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9b6dZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9b6dZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9b6dZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K9b6dZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K9b6dZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K9b8bZ:[ x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9b9cZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9bcbZ:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:K9c4cZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:K9e9bZ:[X ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[ x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[ x]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[ x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[ x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[x ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[x ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:K9ea8Z:[x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:K9ff2Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka207Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ka3abZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Ka3abZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ka3abZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Ka3abZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ka3abZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Ka3abZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Ka3c3Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[ x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka61fZ:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka7a1Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ka7a1Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ka7a1Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka7a1Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka833Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ka910Z:[ x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Ka910Z:[ x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Ka910Z:[ x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ka910Z:[ x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ka910Z:[x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Ka910Z:[x ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[ X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[ X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X ]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ka9b0Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kaa9eZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kaa9eZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kaaf8Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kae13Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kaef2Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kaf25Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kb051Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kb051Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kb051Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kb051Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kb051Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kb051Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kb051Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb090Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kb090Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb090Z:[x]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kb090Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kb090Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kb13fZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kb337Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb359Z:[x]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:Kb359Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kb359Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kb359Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb3afZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kb3afZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kb3afZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kb3afZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kb748Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kb85dZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kb85dZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kb85dZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kb85dZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kb9e0Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kba29Z:[ X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kba29Z:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kba29Z:[X ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kbc8aZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kbd5aZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kbd5aZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kbd5aZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kbd5aZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kbd7eZ:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kbf11Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kbf17Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc111Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kc111Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kc111Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc111Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kc111Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kc111Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kc140Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kc18dZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kc253Z:[ X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kc253Z:[ X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc253Z:[ X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kc253Z:[ X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc253Z:[X ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kc253Z:[X ]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kc253Z:[X ]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kc415Z:[ X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kc415Z:[ X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc415Z:[X ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kc415Z:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kc415Z:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kc525Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kc666Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kc864Z:[ x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kc864Z:[x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kc92eZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kc9a6Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kcbf9Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kcbf9Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kcd32Z:[ x]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean) 
 b02:Kcd32Z:[ x]Eric Dierker         (North America) 
 b02:Kcd32Z:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe) 
 b02:Kcd32Z:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia) 
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:KcdebZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:Kcdf8Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kd3e9Z:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kd3e9Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kd3e9Z:[x]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kd3e9Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kd72aZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[ X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[ X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[ X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[ X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[ X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[X ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[X ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[X ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[X ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[X ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kd7f6Z:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kd84aZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kd84aZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kd84aZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kd84aZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kd84aZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Cordley Coit         (North America)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kd982Z:[x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kdb94Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kdb94Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ke102Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ke505Z:[x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ke54aZ:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:Ke54aZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Ke54aZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ke54aZ:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Ke54aZ:[X]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Ke57dZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ke57dZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ke5b5Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Ke5b5Z:[X]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Ke5b5Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Ke6cdZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kee03Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kee45Z:[X ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kee45Z:[X ]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kee45Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kee45Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kee45Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kee45Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kee45Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:KeeaaZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:KeeaaZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:KeeaaZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:KeeaeZ:[x ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:KeeaeZ:[x ]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:KeeaeZ:[x ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:KeeaeZ:[x ]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:KeeaeZ:[x ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:KeeaeZ:[x ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:KeeaeZ:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf054Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf12cZ:[X ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf13bZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf335Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf3bcZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf436Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:Kf57eZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf5daZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf5e3Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kf5e5Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kf5e5Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kf5e5Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kf5e5Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kf5e5Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kf5e5Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kf8a2Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]Eric Dierker         (North America)
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)  
 b02:Kf904Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf91eZ:[X ]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kf91eZ:[X ]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kf91eZ:[X ]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kfb32Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kfb32Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kfb32Z:[x]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kfb32Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kfb32Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kfb32Z:[x]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:Kfb32Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]David Schutt         (North America)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kfc40Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Bob Crawford         (North America)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Bruce Young          (North America)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Joanna Lane          (Europe)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Todd Glassey         (North America)
 b02:KfddfZ:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Edmundo Valenti      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]James Khan           (North America)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Kimberley J. Heitman (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Marc Derriennic      (Europe)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Milan Kapetanov      (Europe)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Satyajit Gupta       (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Vivek Durai          (Central/West/South Asia)
 b02:Kfdf3Z:[X]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:Kfe2eZ:[ X ]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:Kfe2eZ:[ X ]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kfe2eZ:[ X ]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Hans Klein           (North America)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]James Love           (North America)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Jefsey Morfin        (Europe)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Judith Oppenheimer   (North America)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Michael Geist        (North America)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Richard Henderson    (Europe)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Sotiris Sotiropoulos (North America)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Ted Byfield          (North America)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Vittorio Bertola     (Europe)
 b02:Kff79Z:[x]Youn Jung Park       (Asia/Pacific)
 b02:KffbfZ:[x]Gabriel Pineiro      (Latin America/Caribbean)
 b02:K6b8eZ     abstention
 b02:K831eZ     abstention
 b02:K872fZ     abstention
 b02:Kefd1Z     abstention


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