Joanna Lane
Candidate in ICANNATLARGE.COM 11-members Panel Election July 2002

Joanna Lane

Candidate Statement

Formerly with the BBC public broadcasting service, London, now resident in New York.

I will continue to fight for a system in which users in general and individual registrants in particular have a vote, a right to information and the authority to hold ICANN accountable.

I voted in the 2000 At Large Elections, thinking it was the first of many and was a Member of DNSO Working Group Review, thinking it's strong recommendations to form a DNSO Constituency for Individual Domain Name Registrants would be acted upon. For me, the highlight of 2001 was standing as an ICANN DNSO Board Candidate on an anti-corruption platform in a rigged election for which I hold ICANN Staff accountable,

To answer problems of self-organization from the bottom up, William S Lovell and I co-wrote "Best Practices for the General Assembly", based on a basic set of principles to ensure every voice can be heard. First published in August 2001 at, the work was later revised in response to the At Large Study Committee's appeal for concrete consensus building procedures suitable for an At Large Membership Organization with voting rights This initiative was met with a thunderous silence, a sure sign we were onto something worthwhile. I was honored to be a Watchdog in the last Vote taken by ICANN's General Assembly, and voted YES on the Motion to Rebid the ICANN Contracts.

I am endorsing Jamie Love, Judith Oppenheimer and Richard Henderson as outstanding candidates in this election.

Information from: ICANNATLARGE.COM