GNSO Council Teleconference on 16 January 2003 - agenda

Coordinated Universal Time UTC 14:00 - see below for local times

Bruce Tonkin will be chairing the GNSO Council teleconference.
Scheduled time for meeting - 120 mins.

Dial-in number sent individually to each Council member.


    1. Approval of agenda
    2. Summary of last meetings

    3. Update on progress Transfers and WHOIS implementation committees (15 mins)
    - Bruce Tonkin

    4. Update on Deletes task force (10 mins) - Jordyn Buchanan

    5. Update on UDRP task force (10 mins) - J. Scott Evans

6. Update on GNSO Budget for 1 July 2003 to 30 June 2004 (15 mins)
- Roger Cochetti
- response to request for input from Stuart Lynn on 24 Dec 02

7. New gtlds - process for developing a position statement (30 mins)
- options - task force, committee of the Council, full Council

At the Board meeting in Amsterdam, the Board approved the Action Plan
(see http://www.icann.org/committees/ntepptf/new-gtld-action-plan-18oct02.htm ) regarding moving forward on new gTLDs.
See http://www.icann.org/minutes/prelim-report-15dec02.htm.

As part of that resolution the Board requested the GNSO
" to provide a recommendation by such time as shall be mutually agreed by the President and the Chair of the GNSO Names Council on whether to structure the evolution of the generic top level namespace and, if so, how to do so."
This was in response to part of the Action Plan (see
http://www.icann.org/committees/ntepptf/new-gtld-action-plan-18oct02.htm#III) that addressed this subject.

8. Appointment of two seats on the new ICANN Board (20 mins)

The DNSO previously appointed 3 representatives to the old ICANN Board: Alejandro Pisanty (re-elected in September 2002)
Amadeu Abril I Abril
Jonathan Cohen

As part of the new Transition articile of the new by-laws (http://www.icann.org/minutes/minutes-appb-15dec02.htm)
Section 5(7) states:
"Promptly after the adoption of this Transition Article, the Generic Names Supporting Organization shall, through the GNSO Council, make selections of Directors to fill Seats 13 and 14 on the New Board, with terms to conclude upon the commencement of the first regular terms specified for each of those Seats in Article VI, Section 8(1)(d) and (e) of the New Bylaws, and shall give the ICANN Secretary written notice of its selections."

The new Board is likely to be in place for the March 2003 ICANN Board meeting, and we should select the two representatives well in advance of this date.

9. Agenda topics for next meeting (20 Feb 2003)
- approval of Board reports for WHOIS and Transfers
- update of rules of procedure

10. Any other business

    Local time between November and end March, WINTER in the NORTHERN hemisphere
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    London, United Kingdom UTC+0+0DST 14:00
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    Dusseldorf, Germany (CET) UTC+1+0DST 15:00
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    Jerusalem, Israel UTC+2+0DST 16:00
    Seoul, Korea UTC+9+0DST 23:00
    Melbourne, Australia UTC+10+1DST 01:00 Friday
    Wellington, New Zealand UTC+12+1DST 03:00 Friday
    The DST starts/ends on last Sunday of March 2003, 2:00 or 3:00 local time
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