DNSO Names Council Amsterdam Meeting on 14 December 2002 - minutes

17 December 2002.

Proposed agenda and related documents http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/20021214.NCteleconf-agenda.html

List of attendees:

Philip Sheppard        Business 
Marilyn Cade           Business 
Grant Forsyth          Business remote participation
Greg Ruth              ISPCP absent, apologies 
Antonio Harris         ISPCP absent, apologies, proxy to Tony Holmes 
Tony Holmes            ISPCP 
Philipp Grabensee      Registrars 
Ken Stubbs             Registrars
Bruce Tonkin           Registrars 
Roger Cochetti         gTLD  
Jordyn Buchanan        gTLD remote participation  
Cary Karp              gTLD 
Ellen Shankman         IP absent, apologies, proxy to Laurence Djolakian   
Laurence Djolakian     IP 
J. Scott Evans         IP remote participation   
Harold Feld            NCDNH absent, apologies, proxy to Chun Eung Hwi
Chun Eung Hwi          NCDNH  remote participation
Erick Iriate           NCDNH absent, apologies proxy to Chun Eung Hwi

9 Names Council Members physically present, 4 remote participation

Thomas Roessler     GA  Chair

Glen de Saint Géry     NC Secretary
Alix Guillard        MP3 Recording Engineer/Secretariat

MP3 recording of the meeting by the Secretariat: http://www.dnso.org/dnso/mp3/20021214NCteleconf.mp3

Quorum present at 9:10 local time in Amsterdam

Bruce Tonkin chaired this Names Council meeting

Next Council meeting TBD.

See all past agendas and minutes at http://www.dnso.org/dnso/2002calendardnso.html
and calendar of the NC meetings at http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2002.NC-calendar.html

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