Names Council TF on Structure, Terms of Reference

Terms of reference for the NC TF on Structure v5

3 Decembre 2001

cf. http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-str/Arc00/msg00046.html


NC task force on Structure


One representative from each constituency and one from the GA, chaired by the chair of the NC.


Chair Philip Sheppard

IP Mark Bohannon, BC Marilyn Cade, gTLDs David Johnson, ccTLDs Peter Dengate-Thrush, Registrars Ken Stubbs, Non-Commercials Raul Echeberria, ISP Tony Holmes, GA Dave Farrar

Terms of reference

To achieve this the task force should briefly evaluate proposals for re-structuring against the following criteria:

1. the efficacy of policy making within the DNSO

- degree of formal interaction between stakeholders

- quantity of predicted unique issues of a new SO outside the competence of DNSO versus issues within competence of DNSO

- mechanisms for cross-SO communication

- effect on the DNSO consensus process.

2. the efficacy of ICANN decision making

- the ability of each proposal to generate valid consensus-based policy making

- possibility of the Board receiving contradictory advice from its SOs and the impact on resolution mechanisms

- likely financial and representational robustness of any SO

- likelihood of the proposal to achieve adequate, balanced and fair stakeholder representation on the Board


The task force will consider proposals made to the Board before 31 January 2002.

Agreement on terms of reference . 28 November 2001

Development of principles and criteria . 10 December 2001

Data gathering/evaluation - December/January 2002

Initial report 31 January 2002

Interim ICANN Ghana March 2002

Final TBD

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