16 October 2000

Paul Kane

Version v1, superseed version v0 from 20 September 2000.

Proxy Voting.

Only elected Names Council members may cast a proxy vote on behalf of another Names Council member.


Any Names Council Member may designate a Names Council his/her proxy representative by email to the council list (or by telephone to the Names Council Secretariat) If the Names Council member is able to participate in a Names Council Telephone Conference but has because to leave the call the Names Council member may then designate a proxy representative.

The designated Names Council member must confirm his/her willingness to exercise the proxy by confirming his/her acceptance by email to the Council List (or by voice during a Names Council Telephone Conference).

A Names Council member may revoke the proxy designation at any time by sending an email to the Council list (or if he/she is able to participate in a Names Council Telephone Conference may do so during the Conference call)

Names Council Representative Incommunicado

Where a Names Council Representative ceases to be contactable at the email address (due to email delivery failure notification) and telephone number specified on the Names Council Member Contact List over a period of three consecutive weeks the Constituency which selected the unreachable Names Council member has the right (pursuant to formal procedures approved by its membership) to designate one of its other elected constituency Names Council Members as interim proxy holder for the Names Council member in communicado. In such a situation, it is expected that the constituency will act promptly to locate the Names Council member in communicado, and/or to replace him/her according to its internal procedures, as appropriate.

Should the Names Council member (previously incommunicado) notify the Names Council Secretariat either by email or by telephone of his/her new contact details then the interim proxy will be revoked.


Option A: Proxy votes shall not be counted toward the presence of a quorum.

Option B: Proxy votes shall be counted towards the presence of a quorum, provided, however, that no fewer than one third of the Names Council members (rounding up) must actually be present at the meeting, and each member present may hold a maximum of one Proxy vote.