20 September 2000

Paul Kane

Draft Proxy Voting Overview.... For discussion.

Only elected Names Council representatives may cast a proxy vote.


All Names Council Members may nominate a Names Council representative to act as their proxy representative by email to the council list (or by telephone to the NC Secretariat) If the NC member is able to participate in a NC Tel Conf but has cause to leave the call the NC member may nominate a proxy representative

The NC representative in receiving a nomination must confirm his/her willingness to hold the proxy by confirming their acceptance by email (or during a NC Telephone Conference) to the council list.

A Names Council member may recall their desire to have a proxy representative at any time provided the NC representative sends an email to the Council list (or if he/she is able to participate in a NC Tel Conf may do so during the Conference call)

NC Representative Incommunicado

Where a Names Council Representative ceases to have access to the email address specified on the Names Council Member Contact List or the specified email account over a continuous period of four weeks fails to accept email correspondence from the NC Secretariat the NC's Constituency reserves the right (subject to it having the procedural consent of its membership) to summarily appoint one of the existing elected constituency Names Council Members as interim proxy holder for the NC member in communicardo.

Should the NC member (previously incommunicado) notify the NC Secretariat either by email or by telephone of their new contact details then the interim proxy will cease such that the NC member can return to represents their constituency where the NC representative retains the support of the constituency..