DNSO General Assembly
Basic outline of the voting process
b02, Rules of Order for the Mailing Lists

6 November 2000

BASIC OUTLINE OF THE VOTING PROCESS, b02, Rules of Order for the Mailing Lists

  1. A ballot is prepared.

    A ballot starts with line "BEGIN" and ends with line "END__".

    It is like this:

    QUESTION: Should the rules enclosed here be the rules for the GA list?
     b02:KabcdZ:[ ] Yes, the rules should be adopted.
     b02:KabcdZ:[ ] No, the present rules should remain in force.
     b02:KabcdZ:[ ] No, I accept neither the present nor the proposed ruleset.
    ["mailing list rules 04.txt" attached]
  2. Ballot is assigned a number (first field in a line), here "b02" -- ballot number 02 (it is the second ballot submitted to the GA vote since January 2000).

  3. Ballot is personalised. Each line indicates who is voting.

  4. The second field, here between "b02" and "FirstName_LastName", indicate a personalised code given for this ballot to this person. A personalised code is 6 caracteres, starting with "K", ending with "Z", here "KabcdZ".

  5. Do not edit a ballot. Just put an "X" between square brackets [ ] if you give your vote to a statement written in a line.

    You cast one vote, no more.

  6. A ballot will arrive From: "gavote@dnso.org" -- please reply without CC to any list.

  7. You will receive an aknowledge of your ballot within 48 hours.

  8. "mailing list rules 04.txt" submitted for vote http://www.dnso.org/dnso/notes/2000.GA-ga-rules-v0.4.html

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