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[comments-whois] Whois TF cannot move forward without addressing privacy

The separation of privacy issues from the other issues is not acceptable.

The political effect of this will be to allow a finding of 'non-consensus'
on privacy to block any changes in that area, while other things go
forward.  They are logically indivisible.  And there is no reason for
splitting them other than to try to ram through the IP agenda without even
addressing the privacy/human rights aspects of domain name personal data

The TF report is therefore objectionable in its current half-baked form.
It should be sent back for a full treatment of the entire issue.  Absent
which it is one-sided, and cannot fairly be said to be a consensus view.

Lest you think this exaggerated, have a look at the UDRP task force
mailing list-- The actions of the chair of the UDRP task force exemplify
what will happen on the privacy issue: Nothing - not even substantive
engagement with critics.

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