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[comments-whois] potential for abuse of the WHOIS complaints procedure

My comments on the WHOIS task force report.

Re: 3.1. B. c

  15 days without a response is not a sufficient time period to establish a 
material breach of a registration agreement in case of an WHOIS  accuracy 
inquiry. This is unduly harsh on a bona fide registrant.

The accuracy complaint procedure can be abused (by competitors or other 
individuals)  to harrass bona fide Domain Name registrants and in the worst 
case it can become a tool to rob a registrant of his/her Domain Name.

Individuals go on long holidays, can be sick or otherwise undisposed. 
I  would like to see the postal response period lengthened to 30 days and 
oblige the registrar  to send at least two warning emails to the 
registrant's last known email address to help insure that unwarranted 
removals from the zone file will never take place.


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