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[comments-whois] WhoIs

I own InSecurity.Org

I submitted the most complete factual information that I could *get away*
with while still trying to protect my privacy.  There are too many people
trying to "get to me" to send me spam, porn, and other crap I do NOT want.
However, I made sure that IF someone had a complaint about my domain that I
can in fact be contacted via telephone, e-mail, and regular postal mail. I
do not enjoy the fact that people harvest this information to *target* me -
but it is a necessary evil for doing legitimate business.

That said; allow me to also state I feel strongly that the WHOIS database
MUST be kept public and must be accurate.  All information should be
verified by the registering authority (NetSol, Bulkresgistry, whoever is the
agency being paid to register the domain.)

I teach "Introduction to the Internet" to 1st and 2nd year level college
students and my own research has shown that people who provide false or
misleading information for the WHOIS Registry should NOT be allowed to keep
their domains.  My students were frankly amazed that this problem is so
enduring and that it will likely require massive government intervention to
screw it up MORE before business does a better job at self-policing.

Very sad...
-Bill-  :(
William C Jones (Jax.PM Leader)
Lead e-Systems Developer
Lead Courseware Support Analyst
501 W State St * Rm 241
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
Tel: 904/632-3089
Fax: 904/632-3007
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