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[comments-whois] comments on whois-report (mostly rejections)


at accuracy

1.) from my experience most of the allegations of false data are 
wrong or at least a kind of attack from people having a problem 
either with the registrar, mostly with the registrant (we have 
allegations even against people working for ICANN and even 
against ourself).

2.) joker.com, my company as registrar, insists that allegations of 
false data is proven by adding the return-letter from post-office 
which shows that the address is really false.

3.) Asking the accused people (B.2.) to prove the innocence is 
strange and from my point of view new in democratic systems, there 
may be reasons to do so, but this are limited.

4.) The standard form at internic is of no use if ICANN people just let 
the messages be forwarded to the registrars without having a check. 
It results in being ignored by the registrars because of the high 
percentage of garbage (it is even not filtered for duplications, we 
receive up to 10 complains of same content).

5.) Deleting a domain with false data is not reasonable, if the 
registrant really uses the domain, he/she will register it again within 
hours and the mess starts again, even worse it looks as the registrar 
did not do anything...joker.com "freezes" such domains in a way 
everybody using whois can see it and the domain can not be used, 
we think that is much better.

6.) C.2 is just an assembly of words with no meaning in the real 
world. I am sorry, but for me some of the recommendations look the 

from my experience the number of false allegations is bigger that 
the number of really false data (perhaps because most cases of the 
latter are ignored). It should be imposed to those starting the 
process to prove that the address is wrong, not the other way round.

at bulk whois

7.) It will have to be checked with european law if that is allowed and 
under which circumstances, not to say with law in other non-us 
countries. I did not find anything about that in the recommendations. 
Omitting that is a sign of limited political overview.

Siegfried Langenbach 
Computer Service Langenbach GmbH (CSL GmbH)

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