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[comments-whois] extraneous data in whois

There seems to be some appearance of embedded auto-redirect html script tags in the whois data (both web and port-43) , such as in the street address or other fields.  These auto-redirect scrip tags seem to be used to automatically redirect browsers or html-aware telnet clients to some penny-per-click sites.  (an example is not included here so as not to help propagate the technique).  This mechanism may be exploited toward less innocent goals. 

Suggest that the sections "A - Accuracy of data contained in the WHOIS database" or "B - Uniformity of data formats and elements..." should be expanded or detailed to discourage the  insertion of executable script tags, or the placement of promotional data into inappropriate fields in the WHOIS contact database.  Or, perhaps the some new optional whois data elements be defined that may be specifically allowed for such advertising data.  Might be helpful if the use of html tags in port-43 whois data can be discouraged.


John Wong
Domain Registration Services

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