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[comments-whois] Publication of personal data in whois database


My attention has been drawn to 


by my domreg, whom I had asked for a way to hide most of my personal information
that is presently visible for everyone through the whois database. 

I maintain a domain that deals critically with adverse conditions in the
world, see below. This type of activity has become feasible through the
internet, and we should keep it that way. As ususal, it is just people (and
often 'in high places') who are responsable for the conditions criticized,
and 'people are people' - i e the ones attacked will tend to 'retaliate',
even if packed in 'correct (?) legal procedings'. If we allow them to recuperate
those parts of their power they have lost through the possibilities of the
internet that we use, by assisting them in their 'correct (?)legal procedings',
we will give up what we have managed to win.

Withholding my personal data would make it harder for them to keep on going
their evil ways. I advocate for a way to keep the registrant's data secret,
as is already possible/usual in the case of some other domains (like .nu).

Ceterum censeo: 
'Grosschreibung' ist unfug, gemässigte kleinschreibung selbstverständlich
- siehe alle 
anderen sprachen.

Mehr info? Siehe

Michael Laudahn     
Postfach 5244    
CH-8050 Zürich

tel:               geheim
fax:            +41 1 274 2845        
epost:      m.laudahn@bluewin.ch

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