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[comments-wgb] Sunrise 20 Proposal

From: Dianne G. Harrington


I am a member of Eastman Kodak Company's Legal Department, and my primary
responsibility is the worldwide protection of one of the company's most
valuable assets -- its trademarks.

Since the Internet's inception, Kodak has encountered a great deal of
cyberpiracy and infringement activity in which Kodak's trademarks are
misused in the domain names and web sites of others.  We believe this
activity is facilitated by the fact that most registeries do not have
adequate procedures in place to protect trademark owners' rights.

Kodak supports efforts to protect trademark interests on the Internet.
Although the "Sunrise 20 Proposal" will not eliminate cyberpiracy, it would
give trademark owners the opportunity to register their own trademarks as
domain names in new TLDs that are adopted.

We urge ICANN to adopt the "Sunrise 20 Proposal."

Dianne G. Harrington, Paralegal
Trademark, Advertising & Copyright Legal Staff
EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY, 343 State Street, Rochester, New York 14650-0205
TEL 716 / 724-7757    FAX 716 / 724-9657    EMAIL