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[comments-wgb] RE:Comments about the WG-B Report

We have reviewed the report of the WG-B Report and our comments are as follows.:

1. Famous marks should be protected whether owners of the marks request or not.  To 
do so, it is effective to be prepared a list of famous marks.

Use or registration of a famous mark as a domain name by a person other than the right 
owner is liable to mislead consumers about the origin of the mark.  Thus, such use or 
registration should not be allowed taking into consideration the protection of the owner of 
the mark as well as consumers.

2. We propose that preparation of a famous marks list should be left to WIPO because 
WIPO has experience and knowledge in this field.

3. New gTLDs should be adopted after a protection system for famous marks is 

If new gTLDs should be adopted before preventive measures to protect famous marks 
are established, this would cause more problems other than existing ones such as 

Trademark Division
The First Examination Department
Japanese Patent Office